Urban Ecologies/ Αστικές Οικολογίες
research workshop and fanzine

“Urban Ecologies” focuses on the city of Athens and explores emergent forms and fragmented histories of instituting that took place before and during the years of crisis. Thinking through notions of mutating, immunity and parasitizing in relation to the urban environment it will seek to examine the evolving urban ecologies of the city and how they are mapped in the streets of the city. Bringing together conventional and unconventional forms of investigation this workshop seeks to elaborate on militant experiences, incomplete histories and collective unlearings.

Participants: Eirini Efstathiou, Christos Giovanopoulos, Mariela Nestora, Konstantina Theodorou, Stergiani Tsintziloni

Organised by EIGHT COLLECTIVE with the support of Goethe-Institut Athen

Urban Ecologies is the first of a series of workshops in preparation for the public programme for “Instituting” an edition of New Alphabet School of HKW that will take place in June 2021 in Athens and is co-organised with Eight Collective and Goethe-Institut Athen. More information:

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