Instituting” 24-26 June 2021 New Alphabet School edition/HKW

Invited Speakers:  Fred Moten and Stefano Harney
 and the artistic collective ruangrupa (Farid Rakun)

With Workshops by Associação das Prostitutas de Minas Gerais – APROSMIG & melke; Berit Fischer; diffrakt, Simon Fleury, Sam Nightingale, Chara Stergiou & Aslı Uludağ and Co-Hab Athens & Constantina Theodorou

Co-curated by Gigi Argyropoulou and Kostas Tzimoulis in cooperation with HKW, Goethe-Institut Athens and the Minor Universality Project by Saarland University

What could processes of self-organizing and collective making look like in the current landscape? In what ways might they affect public processes of social improvisation? How might such forms of “instituting” give rise to other forms of institutions? Inviting theoretical as well as practical approaches, this edition of the New Alphabet School studies “instituting” as an incomplete, fugitive and thus continuous process that constantly seeks out ways to interact with evolving strictures of the here and now. In their book Now (2017) the Invisible Committee argues that “in reality what we need are not institutions but forms… Everything that lives is only forms and interactions of forms”. How to begin to study this process, this evolving mutation and redefinition of forms as social improvisation, inseparable from emergent imaginings and imaginaries of a livable life?

Preliminary Programme

Thursday 24 June 2021

7pm Opening
7.30pm Lecture by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney
8.15pm Lecture by ruangrupa 

Friday 25 June 20213 

11am–2pm Online Workshop with registration only
Feminist Instituting for Ecological Futures
With Berit Fischer

3:30–7pm EEST (Athens) / 2:30–6pm CEST (Berlin)
Online workshop, with registration
Practices of Attunement
With Simon Fleury, Moritz Gansen, Sam Nightingale, Gala Rexer, Chara Stergiou, Aslı Uludağ

7.00-11.00 Public Program @ EIGHT
-Opening of the group exhibition: Systems, Organisms, Symbiosis
-Launch of the fanzines “Urban Ecologies”, “Alegal Fields”, “Entangled Resistances” and informal discussions
-Performative Interventions

Saturday 26 June 2021

Workshop in Athens, with registrationInstitutional Hacks for Reclaiming Urban Space
With Constantina Theodorou in collaboration with CoHab Athens and Guest: Dimitra Siatitsa

3–6pm Athens
Workshop online & in Athens, with registration
In Portuguese with English translation
Sex Workers Creating Institutions to End Institutionalized Violence
With Associação das Prostitutas de Minas Gerais (APROSMIG) and melke

Instituting Otherwise
Discussion with Gigi Argyropoulou, Filipa César, Bernd Scherer, Adania Shibli, Savvy Contemporary

Film screening