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Friday, June 25
10am–1pm CEST (Berlin)
Workshop in Park Hasenheide, Berlin, with registration
Feminist Instituting for Ecological Futures
With Berit Fischer

In today’s dystopian times of capitalist, extractivist, dichotomous and separationist logics, questions about alternative imaginaries for liveable futures and co-existence with the “more-than-human” world are more urgent than ever. Acknowledging “instituting” as a social ecology, as a collective agreement and cooperation, this affective encounter invites to engender a feminist ontology of “instituting” that exceeds the anthropocentric view towards an inter-connectivity with the natural living world. Moving beyond a critique that occurs on the level of representation, this collective experience draws on legacies of feminist and radical pedagogies, and consciousness raising techniques to radical attentiveness practices. It forwards and experiments with a transformative practice of re-activating the psycho-cognitive apparatus through intent forms of situated listening. Participants will explore a feminist “instituting” that embraces ambiguity, nurtures an embodied and collective thinking and mobilizes philosophical speculation.
The encounter takes place in Berlin. Comfortable clothes, a mat or blanket to lie on and something to drink are recommended.


Friday, June 25
3:30–7pm EEST (Athens) / 2:30–6pm CEST (Berlin)
Online workshops fully booked, participation in Athens is possible with registration
Practices of Attunement
With Simon FleuryMoritz GansenSam NightingaleGala RexerChara StergiouAslı Uludağ

This workshop is a proposition that takes “instituting” as a nonfinite verb, a call to collective action: a never-ending form of speculation, adopting attentiveness, receptivity and movement as its constituent elements. The workshop conveners seek to extend Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s notion of “study”: an encounter “where you allow yourself to be possessed by others,” instituting a mode of counter-maintenance, generating and maintaining felicitous conditions for encounters. Over the past nine months, Practices of Attunement (PoA) have been meeting bi-weekly to undertake an ongoing process of study(ing) together. For New Alphabet School #Instituting, PoA invites participants to join in extended sessions that focus on maintaining, triggering or establishing the conditions for study via remote(ly) collective practices of attunement occuring (a)synchronously across multiple sites. In the unfolding space of study – being together and apart – PoA propose to encounter and attempt to attune to different, overlapping, inconsistent, unevenly distributed, (in)tangible and (un)bounded ecospheric entanglements.
The workshop will take place across a two-week period, where participants meet online twice in preliminary sessions prior to the event on June 25. The purpose of part 1 is to think through conditions and practices for attunement. Based on the participants’ experiences, part 2 will discuss possibilities to institute counter-institutional modes of study with an extended group of participants.
Participants need to be able to commit to all three gatherings.

  • Part 1 – Field-Studies 
    Friday, June 11 and June 18, 12 noon – 2pm EEST (Athens) / 11am–1pm CEST (Berlin) Preliminary online workshops
  • Part 2 – Practices for Deep-Hanging Out 
    Friday, June 25
    3.30–5pm EEST (Athens) / 2.30pm–4pm CEST Online workshop for people who have attended the preliminary workshops on June 11 and 18.
    5.30 –7pm EEST (Athens) Participation on site in Athens is possible for new interested persons. (Eight Collective, Politechneiou 8, Athina 104 33, 5–8pm EST).


Saturday, June 26

10am–1.30pm EEST (Athens)
Workshop in Athens, with registration
Institutional Hacks for Reclaiming Urban Space
With Constantina Theodorou in collaboration with CoHab Athens
Guest: Dimitra Siatitsa

How could the status quo be altered by reprogramming the existing housing infrastructures? How to exploit its inherent capabilities to create legal innovations and prototypes in relation to housing that could be shared massively? Collectively unpacking notions of legality, illegality and alegality in relation to urban space, the workshop invites participants to rethink instituting as hacking, to explore creative hacks of existing legal and urban infrastructure as a form of urban resistance. It begins with a walk around Exarchia and Victoria square, a highly contested urban environment in the centre of crisis-ridden Athens. The area serves as a paradigm, informal in feeling, yet produced entirely in accordance with the law through a popular consensus on the interpretation of planning regulation and bringing into discussion other paradigms of reclaiming urban spaces through the adoption of corporate methods, such as cooperative housing experiments for the decommodification of property. In the second part, participants will relocate at Goethe Institute. Utilizing CoHab Athens participatory research methods they will aim to share and imagine prototypes of institutional hacking towards processes of commοning.


Saturday, June 26
3–6pm EEST / 2–5pm CEST (Berlin)
Workshop online & in Athens, with registration
In Portuguese with English translation
Sex Workers Creating Institutions to End Institutionalized Violence
With Associação das Prostitutas de Minas Gerais (APROSMIG) and melke

How to create institutions when the legal, economic and cultural systems are against you? Convened by sex, cultural and art workers, this workshop is an invitation to observe habits, impulses and gEESTures that (may) make people replay choreographies of subalternization and invalidation in collective processes. Springing from the trajectory of sex workers setting up a museum that acknowledges their social life, this workshop will look at hierarchies and the criminalizing and carceral effects with which sex workers have to deal. The participants will comprehend the act of creating a museum led by sex workers as a proposal of conviviality between those who sell and those who never sold sex. They are invited to take part in a conversation and, with the help of an anonymous writing exercise, go beyond shame and taboo to address the issues and anxieties that emerge in the process. Immersed in a polyphonic and active listening atmosphere, participants will conjure ways of improvising a liveable life that go apart from salvationism, correction, narcissism, indifference, erasure, cognitive tutelage and criminalization.

To REGISTER FOR WORKSHOPS (free of charge but with registration only):